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Standing still is no longer an option in the current world scenario. Individuals and businesses have to move forward to maintain their competitive advantage. With the rapid changes in technologies.

Do you have the right skills now and for the future?

Understanding this will help identify any skills gaps and addressing them today will help you secure your future.

Since BIMNCAD’s inception, we have trained over 1000+ people; helping students, professionals and individuals to maximise their potential and the unemployed get back to work. Businesses have gained increased efficiency and productivity ensuring their competitive advantage is maintained.

BIMNCAD excels at providing skill development training for the development of human capital. We deliver agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group, and organizational performance.
We are recognized as leader in training technology and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance among our prestigious clients.

Our core teaching skills and necessary industry experience ensures that each individual(s) potential is reached in all disciplines.

Friendliness and high motivation leads our quality aspect.

We treat our customers and staff ethically, fairly, and honestly. (Integrity)

We celebtrate and capitalize on the strengths and contributions of others. (Teamwork)

We provide premier customer service. (Service)

New ideas stimulates discovery and foster innovation, leading to more effective learning. (Creativity)

We cultivate lifelong learning. (Learning)

We take responsibility for our actions and empower others to do so as well. (Accountability)

Our learning environment embraces and fosters diversity among people and ideas. (Respect)

• Certified professionals from industry with core teaching skills

• Delivered over 3000+ hours intensified training’s

• 10+ training modules

• Post training support

• Quality accredited for the delivery and development of training courses

• Best-in-class training across the entire portfolio from Basic to Advanced to Customised.

Additional Benefits


1. Improve your professional skill set

2. Build and grow your portfolio

3. Solve complex challenges people typically face

4. Get great tips and tricks from practicing, professional instructors.

5. Increase your confidence to develop your own business.

6. Become an accredited specialist.

7. Get digital certificates. (Great for uploading to your LinkedIn profile and other social media).

“I began my Revit classes with Gaurav hoping to gain a better understanding of Revit. Gaurav was of great help and assistance in clarifying all my doubts related to building designing, using Revit. I got to know in detail, not only about the architectural parts of Revit, but also the structural aspects. Earlier, I used to use only AutoCAD software. But after my lessons with him, I feel confident in doing all my projects using Revit itself. It has increased my productivity and accuracy, and is also highly time efficient. I am able to meet deadlines well ahead of time, now that I am using Revit software extensively. Gaurav has also been extremely flexible with the timings of the tutorial, especially considering the time difference between India and Australia. I am really happy with the outcome of my classes with him.”


Raj Iyer, Architect, Australia, attended Autodesk Revit

“Learning software from BIMNCAD has been an excellent experience with their dedicated and experienced trainers help you gain confidence and command over software with their training techniques. Professional yet friendly environment. Highly recommended.”

Ambika Juneja,Interior Designer, attended Autodesk Revit and Adobe Photoshop

“For me Revit was just a software where we could easily get 3d with elevation and sections. But actually after getting proper training it helped me a lot in my field. Learnt a lot in this training and it was really very helpful. It made me more desirous to learn more about Revit and Dynamo.”

Saloni Aggarwal, Architecture aspirant, attended Autodesk Revit

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