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“Key here is to train the employees in those areas which will enhance them to provide maximum returns”

What is the Requirement for Corporate Trainings ?

Highest productivity can be achieved when the individual goals are integrated with the organizational goals.

  1. Increase value for employees
  2. Create more capable leaders
  3. Address the employee weakness
  4. Reduce Attrition rates
  5. Stand out from the competition

Need for Employees Training

Corporate training program helps in strengthening skill-sets, Each employee needs to work on. Through corporate training, all employees/attendees gain a higher level of understanding on similar skills and knowledge. Companies gain in reducing weak links who relies on others to get the job done.

Requirement of BIM Training

Large numbers of companies are now switching to BIM or Building Information Modelling and are organizing short software training sessions. These short training sessions/ Workshop are not adequate to handle large-scale projects within the companies. Companies migrating to BIM for the first time needs extensive training provided that it is suitable to their process and industry. Without this suitability and adequacy they end up spending huge time and money and are still not utilizing BIM.

To Effectively harness the power of BIM, We help companies in identifying the right investment to make and we also recommend the adequate steps and provide guidance for best practices.

Live Project Demos

We have worked on diverse geographical projects and has helped individual clients and companies to adopt and practice BIM. Through our multi cultured and diverse experience, We have carefully carved our niche BIM Services such as BIM based consulting, training and offshoring.

Our BIM offshoring service enables companies and clients to have a virtual extension to their organization. BIM Consulting constitutes us as strategic BIM partner to cater the requirements of clients and companies.

Watch our video on ways to Implement BIM in your company

BIMNCAD training is different. It’s not about teaching you how to use the software, It’s about developing the knowledge so you can deliver real building projects. That’s why we start by identifying your objectives and then teach you how to accomplish them. As per most of our client reviews if you are looking for corporate training for your company you can consider us for the best corporate training in gurgaon for BIM & CAD software’s.
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