Why SOLIDWORKS is best for Solid 3D Modelling?

Why SOLIDWORKS is best for Solid 3D Modelling?

SOLIDWORKS is a parametric based 3D modelling CAD software and is been adapted by more than 1,50,000 companies worldwide. Apart from dominating manufacturing sector, This 3D Modelling software also been used in interior, architectural and medicine industries to name a few.

SOLIDWORKS provides a wide platform for solid modelling, as well as for surface modelling both controlled parametrically. Parametric 3d modelling is a modelling technique in which geometries are controlled by using numeric parameters like diameter of a circle and geometry based parameters like concentricity and perpendicularity. Hence one can capture design intent to change the product’s geometry and shape throughout the product development process.

Apart from 3D modelling SOLIDWORKS do also features Assembly and Drafting module. Assembly module helps engineers, professionals and non-professionals in analyzing and studying behavior of mechanism in a product like motion of components with respect to other components. Assembly module also aids in analyzing interference’s in assembly.
By using drafting features you are ready for the final step for your product. Preparing manufacturing ready drawings using drafting tools in SOLIDWORKS is a fun. Simplicity of U.I of SOLIDWORKS makes its users addicted to this CAD package.

Here are the Top Advantages of Using SOLIDWORKS,

• User friendly Interface making it easier to learn as compared to other CAD software.

• Easy to manipulate design at any stage in the product development phase.

• Real view graphics allow model to be visualize rendered view in real time.

• Integrated add-ons helps in analyzing dynamics, kinematics etc.

• This 3D Modelling software minimizes the time and development cost and allows you to make the design process effortless.


Author : Mr Jitendra Gahlot (CAD Design Head)