Latest New Features in AutoCAD 2020 | Top Tools for Draughtsman | Part 1

Latest New Features in AutoCAD 2020 | Top Tools for Draughtsman | Part 1

Recently, Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2020 in the end of March 2019. This time, Autodesk has introduced some major updates to ease the working for the discipline-specific end-user. The software has launched with long-awaited features to make the drafting work easier. Some of the top features in AutoCAD 2020 you can look out for,

Modern Dark Theme

The first thing you will notice is the modern dark theme. Autodesk has smartly modernized its user interface to blue and black colors for the users to get addicted to. Much of the time designers and draughtsman focus on drawing area. In previous versions, the focus usually shifts to locate the contextual tab due to same primary color. In Autodesk AutoCAD 2020, this has been much easier due to more contrast in colors for inactive tabs of black color shade and contextual tab as blue color shade and this was some good looking features in autocad 2020 edition.

AutoCAD 2020 Modern Dark Theme

AutoCAD 2020 Latest Updates #AutoCAD2020

BLOCKS Palette

Autodesk has introduced this new feature as BLOCKS Palette. This feature now enables designers and draughtsman to better manage the placement of blocks in a drawing.

AutoCAD 2020 Blocks Palette

In previous versions of AutoCAD, blocks can be inserted usually in three ways such as Insert dialog boxTool Palette, and Design Centre window. One of the great features in AutoCAD 2020 is, BLOCKS Palette has taken place of Insert Dialog box.

You can now adjust the display of blocks the same way as you manage your folder and file display on your machine. Extra Large IconLarge IconMedium IconSmall IconDetails, and List are the available options to adjust the thumbnails and details of your list of blocks.

AutoCAD 2020 Blocks Palette View List

Now you can use Repeat Placement check box to place multiple copies of your blocks in a drawing. This feature is similar to copy multiple times your elements in a single go in your drawing.

The BLOCKS palette contains three different tabs – Current DrawingRecent, and Other Drawing.

The Current Drawing tab visually displays blocks available in currently active drawing.

The Recent tab displays the recently used blocks in AutoCAD 2020.

The Other Drawing tab displays blocks from other files. It is much easier now to get blocks from other DWG files to be inserted into current drawing by navigating to the folder in an efficient way.

Purge Dialog Box

Purging elements has now been easier for Designers and Draughtsman. A preview pane has now been added to Purge dialog box.

AutoCAD 2020 Purge Dialog box with preview pane

While purging a CAD drawing file, to be helpful in many cases, the information related to non-purge able items, can now be seen in an enhanced tabular view.

AutoCAD 2020 Purge Dialog box with Non-Purge able tabular information

There are more enhancements to the features in AutoCAD 2020, which we will be covering in our next issue i.e

Latest New Features in AutoCAD 2020 | Top Tools for Draughtsman | Part 2

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